Visualising data from a neural network

What is Michael the Machine Learning Prodigy cooking for us now? It smells delicious.

State of affairs

Michael, Machine Learning prodigy and intern at ToThePoint, is currently working on visualising the data he retrieved from his neural network.

His previous tasks involved around gathering data from a various amount of social media channels and training a digital brain to interpret the data he retrieved. With all this in hand, his current task is visualising the obtained data data.

Schematics of Michael's project.
Sentiment analysis architecture

For his visualisation task, he’s using Angular as his chosen framework.

What’s next

What we can do with the results of his hard labour is especially interesting to the marketing-minded folk working with social media.

Sentiment analysis and lead generation

Take for example a sentiment analysis of the posts and/or mentions made on a certain social media channel during a specific point in time. We could make comparative A/B study between the chosen formulation of a certain topic and what it meant in lead-generation in the following period thereafter. Then compare these two periods and have a solid indication that by framing a topic in a certain way you can have a certain impact on your generated sales.

Sentiment analysis tool for marketing agencies

Michael is currently considering building upon his already quite amazing progress by creating an app that enables you to log in with your Facebook account and give you immediate feedback on the sentiments of your managed pages. This could prove especially useful for agencies working for multiple clients.


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