Virtual Reality causes Thinking in Portals

Virtual Reality Masters

You may call them interns, but we call them Virtual Reality Masters at ToThePoint.

Robin and Lino are making strides in plying all projects together in their VR version of ToThePoint headquarters.

Working hard or hardly working

In our latest video you’ll see that a magnificent portal takes you to the office space and once inside, you’ll see that the VR version of upper-pointer Steven is hard at work. Right after he scared the heck out of our real life visitor.

What’s next

We can’t wait to show you what else they are working on, in a future update.
In the meanwhile we’d like to showcase one of our sister companies’ project: Sport 2.0 made possible by RMDY!

In the meanwhile, we’re unleashing our office smart agent in the VR version of our office. It will train its digital brain so that our other interns can build upon the gathered knowledge that Robin and Lino are generating. For this, we are running our overclocked PC 24/7 so that we can soon bring a nifty new update for you all to enjoy.

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