Training an artificial brain in VR

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The Office Smart Agent's brain is currently training 24/7 on our VR capable custom built PC. This means that the GPU of Lino's PC can stop melting (for a while).

The Autonomous Office Smart Agent is successfully training in VR.

Robin and Lino, two of our Virtual Reality prodigies, are making magic happen as we speak.
Their Artificial Brain is currently training in our custom built VR environment and things are looking promising.

That feeling when your code finally works.

The Office Smart Agent can now train much faster (and longer) on the powerful PC we’ve custom built for our VR adventures.
That means that in the meantime Lino’s PC can stop blowing black smoke caused by its melted GPU.

Reinforcement Learning at its best.

All according to plan

As you’ve probably heard already, the Office Smart Agent is the artificial brain that we wish to upload to an autonomous self driving vehicle that can empty a Smart Trashcan. Bert is prototyping the IoT receiver in his TrashBeat project. Whilst Joris is building the self-driving vehicle itself.

Evil Plotting Raccoon meme with caption: "Yes, yes.
Everything is going according to plan."
All internships pieces are gradually filling the puzzle.

Bonus Content: Visit the TTP office in 3D

And to think they didn’t even need to leave their chairs to re-create our offices is quite amazing.

More VR updates by Robin and Lino


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