Technical Coaching Services

The best coach is ashore — We’ll put him on board.

The best coach is ashore

We want the best coach / pilot in YOUR team

The adage “the best coaches are ashore” is one to keep in mind. Why leave the best coaches on shore while you can have ‘em in your team? It has turned out to be of great value with our customers to have expert guidance. Albeit the form of technical coaches in their teams or across their teams in an overarching coaching role. 

Technical coaches are generally tasked with supervising the principles of good coding, taking resilience measures, enabling scalability, etc using a hands-on lead-by-example style.

Their experience and know-how replaces classical training and focuses on individual needs of teams or specific individuals. This raises the delivered quality and inherent future-proofness traits of the delivered solution.
We are convinced that there are parallels in the ways in which the quality traits develop in the end product or service and in the team as a whole.

the best pilots are ashore -- we'll place them in your team
Nothing beats a sense of learning something new every day, except the feeling that you and your team learn something new every day.

Technical coaching in a nutshell

Your team as a whole, guided by a ToThePoint expert technical coach.

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