Technical Architecture Services

Software needs a structurally sound foundation

Technical architecture services

Our technical coaches will guide you

ToThePoint’s technical coaches will define the different components, their roles & the interfaces needed between them. You can count on us to define the communication protocols and their used formats as well so information exchange is guaranteed.

The role of a Pointer technical architect is highly varied because both management skills and technical knowledge and experience are combined. This is why we will (preferably) place both a senior and a junior profile at your location. 

Complex IT systems need experienced and open-minded professionals to ensure that they function in the most optimal way. It is common for technical architects to be in charge of leading the practice as they introduce the overall technical vision for a particular solution. 

ToThePoint's technical architects will ensure production readiness at all layers
Just like every building needs a well-designed plan and a solid structural foundation, so do software development projects. Software architecture is the craft of designing the layers of a software application.

Technical architecture in a nutshell

Knowledge sharing in a technology agnostic setting ensures empowerment throughout all stages of development. ​

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