Internet of Things

Understand the world, one sensor at the time.

Internet of Things applications

IoT caused a shift in the paradigm

Nowadays, everything is connected. Not only your computer and your phone are connected, but so is your car, your watch, even your tie, wallet and possibly also your shoes are connected. The new paradigm is one of an abundance of data, coming from sensors all over the place, in high speed and in high volumes. For clarity, we are not necessarily talking about connecting shoestrings here. Industrial IoT is the area in which lots of actual business value lies hidden. For many companies, this is still unexplored territory and its importance is not always recognised.


Internet of things chipset
Sensor data is all around us. It's up to you to find out the meaning behind it

How to make sense out of seemingly meaningless data?

First by doing research, then prototypes.

Research will focus on: sensors, data and information models, developed by our data science and machine learning experts.
Prototyping a smart application goes like this:  take in your data, implement stream processing, put some preprocessing in place and sprinkle some data science and machine learning love over it.
When intelligently executed, you’ll gain new insights and as by magic you’ll find yourself capable of making predictions beyond your wildest dreams.

Why on earth would I want to make predictions?

In order to be able to extrapolate expectancies about the future, based on the past, is one thing (it more often than not is a bad predictor anyway). It undeniably is difficult to forecast the future without some ‘smart magic’. However, an anthology of the reasons that customers took on projects that take full potential of large data processing and machine learning quickly learns that there is great power to harvest and highly desirable business value by implementing such applications. What to think of the capability to do predictive maintenance for example?

Making sense of data yields power

That is the kind of power we’re talking about here, it feels great in your hands and gives you all the controls you need to dominate the competition.

If you want to not only participate but stay on top of the competition, it is up to you to sign up with a team that has the know-how to deliver you the promised power.

IoT in a nutshell

Understand the world, one sensor at a time.

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