Expert Development Services

Assemble the right competences

An abundance of expertise

Competent specialists with the required experience and technical skills are far and few between. It is however important to strengthen your teams and staff your development projects with just the right mix of competences to yield optimal results. It makes sense to trust a party with this challenging task to compose the right squad for what you are trying to achieve. We have the habit, the experience and the resources to form ideal squads.

A squad is assembled in accordance with the squad’s mission. Larger missions ask for a multi-disciplinary composition, while smaller dedicated mission typically can make do with less man-power and less varied competences. The essence is focused team composition.

Software development is inherently complex. The best way forward lies not so much in fighting complexity, but learning how to handle it. Assembling the right competencies already go a long way.

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The appointment of the right squad resources brings the team to full strength.

Expert Development in a nutshell

Squads can enable much more than merely one consultant.

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