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The first principle of evolutionary architecture is to enable incremental change in an architecture over time.

This same goes for us, professionals: being exposed to an ever evolving stream of innovations in tools, languages and frameworks we change incrementally, day by day we evolve, we learn and gain more and more experience and constantly get better in what we do.

The reason behind the fact that we all carry the same function title on our business cards is twofold:

  1. first off, we don’t attribute too much value to function titles
  2. but more importantly, we firmly believe that we are all on a relentless mission to become technical architects, already from the early stages in our careers on.

To us, there’s nothing magical nor peculiar to a technical architect. In fact, we encourage the view that yesterday’s senior developer is tomorrow’s technical architect, assuming he/she has gained sufficient experience and has had enough exposure to different technology stacks, sectors and challenges.

What makes an excellent technical architect stand out are his/her abilities, professional skills and ethics, in accordance with the industry standards and lessons learned.


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ToThePoint's technical coaches are leaders in the game

Customer oriented

Leaders, not bosses

Pragmatic professionals


Why a technology agnostic approach?

We're not married to any vendor

We aim to use the best tool for the job. Every time.  Adhering to a technology agnostic approach ensures a broad vision and enables our developers, technical architects and coaches, release engineers, and build masters to provide YOU with the best possible solution. 

Knowledge sharing culture

All our consultants are highly skilled in at least one specific technology. We also put regular learning sessions in place to stimulate knowledge sharing amongst all Pointers. That way we’re always ready to offer the best advice possible from all aspects with ensured expertise.

Broad service capabilities

Having a backbone like ToThePoint Group behind our company, we can offer a full-spectrum of IT solutions that goes way further than merely a frontend design or a REST enabled backend. Cloud hosting? Support? Technical coachingWe’ve got it all.

Each goal has its tool

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