ToThePoint interns are building impressive things

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Before we build a real life IoT prototype, we are testing the office smart agent in a VR environment that Robin is creating from scratch.

Office Robot Smart agent

Robin and Lino, two of our latest interns are already on a roll in their project.
It is rightly dubbed “Office Robot Smart Agent“.

The setup

Robin is developing a virtual reality version of our ToThePoint offices whilst Lino is simultaneously developing the smart agent that will be tested in our office.
The goal is to have a self-learning smart agent roaming around our office, that can learn how and when to perform a task, in our case: empty out a trash bin.

Letting the Smart Agent learn

As you can imagine, the workload of Lino’s PC is through the roof as he is testing his code.

Lino is developing a smart agent.
Under the watchful eye of our previous VR expert, Brent, Lino showcases his progress.

As Lino is testing and improving his smart agent, Robin is on a roll creating the ToThePoint office in a VR setup.
Designing the environment in Maya3D and scripting it in Unity, it’s already quite fun to walk around in.

Maya is used to design, whilst Unity is used to script all the models.
Our marketing guy is trying to break stuff in the VR environment. But Robin has already taken care of most details beforehand.


Starting from scratch with technologies that were totally new for our interns, they grasped the bull by the horns and already showed some impressive progress.

More VR Stuff from Robin and Lino


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