The beacons are lit, ToThePoint calls for aid!

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Using Bluetooth beacons to determine the location of a self driving vehicle. Impressive stuff.

ToThePoint calls for aid!

Not really though. Things are running smooth here.
We’re talking about Joris’ Bluetooth beacons here!

Not the beacons we are talking about here ?

Ingenious beacon system

Joris is working on his TurningPoint internship. He is building a self driving car that is aware of its own location in our offices. It should be able to autonomously work its way to a certain location.

In a previous update, we’ve indicated how his task fits in the big scheme of things by providing a necessary (real-life) link between our VR office + Office Smart Agent and the TrashBeat project.

Joris’ self-driving vehicle has been built and improved upon. So now he’s ready for the next stage. Having it find its way autonomously in our offices. He has brewed a way that is quite impressive.

Each dot in the middle of the circle represents a Bluetooth Beacon. Each beacon broadcasts its own “ID” in a circle surrounding it. A Raspberry Pi picks up these signals and then assigns a RSSI value to it — indicating signal strength. Using this signal strength, you can calculate the distance to the middle point.
So, using the coordinates of the each beacon and its signal strength, applying some math wizardry to it, you end up with an intersection that represents the true location of the self-driving vehicle.

What’s next

With a self-driving vehicle that knows its true location — Joris is now planning to make the transition from theory to practice.
In essence, he’s going to place the beacons in his office space and test his model in real life.

Of course, he’s got our full support!


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