Travelling with a prototype

How to present an IoT prototype in a foreign conference? As you probably noticed already, I had the honour of making a presentation during the ‘AI & Computer Systems track at the Applied Machine Learning Days (#AMLD2019) in Lausanne.  The conference was great fun, with quality speakers, interesting content and a beautiful venue. In this …

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Arcadekast tornooi data verzamelen voor machine learning

ToTheArcade: the architecture

Okay, went on a small vacation in between, so this blogpost took a little longer to write since me and the kids were busy mastering our best splash in the hotel swimming pool. Where was I?  Right, preprocessing: check, features: check, our models: check, so now it’s time to put these bad boys into production. …

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Machine learning

ToTheArcade: diving into the models

Since the last blogpost, I left my feature engineering journey behind and can now finally can start looking at some models. No Free Lunch Theorem During my Machine Learning journey, I looked at 3 models  (‘she’s a model and she’s looking good…’ – Kraftwerk). Why we didn’t stick with only one? Well, in Machine Learning …

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code on screen

ToTheArcade: Feature Engineering

Last blogpost we discussed the problem and we started working a bit on describing our task environment. To summarize: We structured our data, got rid of the noise, and already identified some difficulties we’ll have to cope with.  More precisely, the task environment for our classification agent is quite complex, because of the many unknown …

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Machine learning case study

ToTheArcade: setting goals and determining data

Ok, last post was a bit of an introduction… let’s cut the fat of our last blogpost and cut to the chase in this one. We set ourselves a clear goal “Can we train a model to recognize patterns in button and joystick usage on our pimped arcade machine cabinet, deploy it in the cloud …

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Machine learning case study

ToTheArcade: the project

Ok, everybody is talking about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, interchangeably and most of the time just confusing people. First of all, they are not the same concepts.  AI is a very large area covering a bunch of topics and Machine Learning is just one of them. Artificial Intelligence Vs Machine Learning There are articles and …

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