Sharon’s internship ended :(

Building an employee advocacy tool

Last week we waved goodbye to Sharon, who made an employee advocacy tool for us.
We held a short farewell-interview before she went. Read all about it below!

[Hi Sharon, tell us something about yourself]

My name is Sharon. I’m 28 years old and I’m from Merksplas. I have two children and I study Applied Informatics at KdG through blended learning (flextraject).

I’m currently doing my internship here at ToThePoint

[How did you find out about ToThePoint?]

Through my classmate Wouter that already worked here. He told me that this was a great place to work so I applied.

[And did that turn out to be true?]

Yes, I like it here very much.

[What was the assignment that you had to do?]

I had to build an employee advocacy tool. The goal is to get more people to visit the ToThePoint website. Hence the creation of a platform on which people can post their content, so it can then be distributed with ease (by the content manager)

[How did you like the atmosphere here at the office?]

It’s very cosy. You can always have a laugh here. It’s super relaxed. But people can also work hard ­čśë

[Is there something you would like to tell future interns here at ToThePoint?]

Yes, you should talk to the people here when you are in need of help. Everyone is very helpful and you are able to learn a lot from them.

[What did you learn during your internship?]

I got to know Vue.js , which was new to me. And I also had the chance to improve alot as a scrum master on which I received some tips.

[How was the traffic to reach the office?]

Well not so easy for me, since I had to come all the way from the Kempen — so it was to be expected.

[Are you planning to apply for a job here?]


[How did you like your boss/monitor?]

I’ll use the quote from the last teambuilding: “he’s a chill guy”! ­čśë

[If you had a chance to do it all over again, would you?]

Yes, without a doubt.

[Do you have any other advice for colleague-interns that are doing their own internship somewhere?]

Good luck! But you should’ve came here at ToThePoint!

[Thank you, Sharon!]


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