Total Development Solution Service

It all starts with careful consideration

Each project is an undertaking which should not be taken lightly.


Build vs Buy

You typically start with deciding with either build or buy. For certain parts of the application you might be better off to buy an existing solution (Common Of The Shelf) or use an available service already in your organisation or even a SAAS solution.

The knowledge and familiarity of your own resources with certain applications or technologies typically plays a role in such decisions.

Additionally, you should also get a nice overview of your application landscape, available budget and the in-house knowledge of your IT workforce. If you need help: we have guided many customers in their decision-taking-process by taking a closer look at the different options and use this to formulate sound and substantiated advice.


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Complete software solutions, from inception to architecture, from design to development, from dev to production. We deliver.

Custom development

Ultimately, when custom development is decided upon it is crucial to carefully pick an architectural style. We advice iterative architectural design since it ensures a sound foundation upon which to build during development.

Development service in a nutshell

Our agile squads are inherently focussed and experienced professionals that have the habit to design, develop and deploy your software solution from start to finish. Once it is live, we'll even monitor it entirely so you can sleep soundly at night whilst we keep an eye out on your investment.

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