Squad as a Service

A complete team can make wonders happen.

We love to work for enterprises and organisations that think about ‘IT consultancy’ the same way we do. We have a natural fit and can deliver the most value to them. While we can help companies out with single specific resources to strengthen existing teams, we’re convinced that there are benefits to reap from teams and colleagues that know and trust each other and are used to work together. We help companies with custom development, individually for sure, but preferably with squads of 2 to 8 people permanently at work, in different sectors and geographically all over Flanders.

Our team of experienced technical architects, developers, UI/UX designers, release engineers, scrum masters and product owners have already helped many customers in their search for strong competences to staff specific project teams.

Squad a as a service -- the ultime
Hire a complete development squad. With technical architects, product owners, scrum masters, designers, developers and release engineers.

IT squads in a nutshell

A complete holistic team can exponentially increase your level of production.

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