Reasons why people choose to work for ToThePoint

Reasons why people choose to work for ToThePoint

According to the personal opinion of Shaun Michael Stone in a recent Medium article the reasons for software engineers to stick with their job are multifold.
As a recent hire here, I felt compelled to share my personal view on this matter. To be clear, my opinions do not reflect the opinions of my company. Which is actually a strong case on why it’s so awesome to work here at ToThePoint.

Getting along with the manager

This is a biggie. Who wants to work for a dick of a boss? Well, not me for starters.
Having had experience with all possible stretches of management, I’ve finally reached a stage where I’m no longer trying to “fix” people’s attitudes. I’d rather leave the place and look for better opportunities.
I’m PRETTY sure this is what a lot of skilled IT-folk are also doing.

Our ‘managing partner’, Steven, likes to say “Sir is not home today”, meaning he is just a random guy that walks around here and tries to be a buffer between us and our actual boss. Which feels pretty sweet.

He’s actually the kind of boss that is more of a leader, rather than a boss. If you know what I mean?
He shows the way and lets you pave your own path. Taking ownership is key here. Which means that you also get the trust necessary to make it happen. Which leads us to the next point.

Have the feeling that your ideas and contributions matter

As you get the trust to make it happen, you feel the ownership and empowerment necessary to actually GET WORK DONE.
If you have a good idea? Go for it. It’s not needed to spent 5 meetings together to get the work done. In that time it was already fixed ages ago.

Have the flexibility to work from home when needed

Having the flexibility to work from home depends actually on the assignment that you have running. But as an IT’er, you can actually work from home if needs be. You just need the discipline to actually get your tasks finished by the end of the day, ofcourse ­čśë

Having friendly and welcoming colleagues

Genuine friendly contacts don’t come that often.
Here it immediately clicked. Which was very suspicious to me. It could not be REAL, you know?
It took me a while to actually appreciate how things are running here and to feel that this is genuinely a thing that flows around the people that work here.

I’ve had the chance to spend a weekend with some of my colleagues in a bungalow park to work on some Hackaton challenges that are about to start (Hack the Future – Hackaton), and I asked one of the seniors: “What made you choose this company rather than the thousands of other opportunities?”

This. I actually mean THIS. Just a group of people getting together, working on something fun, not necessarily work-related, but at the same time giving me an opportunity to be creative and learn and share knowledge. Sounds cheesy, I know, but this is what gives me pleasure to work for ToThePoint.

Hack the future 2018 preparations by ToThePoint
Hack the future 2018 preparations by ToThePoint

I couldn’t agree more.
Having spent thousands of hours in multiple volunteering organisations, I’ve felt the same “click” in this group. People kind of nonchalantly working together on fun projects, without that necessary “seriousness” that comes with “work”. But at the same time, creating value for the company we all care for, out of sheer enthusiasm that grew out of the ownership and the trust we receive.

Having interesting work and the opportunity to keep learning

No monotone tasks, please.
And that won’t be the case ­čśë as we keep growing, learning and making stuff happen.

The work you do is recognised and appreciated by others

Each month we gather around to eat junk food and share all the cool stuff we’ve learned. Nothing is obligatory so only the people that want to come are there.
Having a full house each time shows more than words.

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