DevOps Intake

Looking to kickstart your DevOps program?
Look no further!

Initiate your DevOps culture

With OnTheSpot’s DevOps assessment service, you’ll be on the right track to initiate, ignite or accelerate your DevOps empowerment program. 

During your intake — your “as-is” and “to-be” situation will both be charted by our release architects by means of interviews, audits and workshops. Whether you are starting a Green Field project or are already working on a project, we can help you improve your DevOps efforts so you can reduce your time to market. 

Your personalised report can nextly be used by you as a comprehensive guide in regards to future improvements. You’ll have a far-reaching view on your very own “maturity level” that will take you to where you want to be. 

Break down the wall between Devs and ops. Remove the blame culture. Empower your teams.

After our intake, you'll have a comprehensive view on your DevOps maturity level


Break down the wall between development and operations.

Reduce your time to market.