Levensloop Edegem sponsorship

Charitable Signing Fee

Our new colleagues at ToThePoint were offered a grant of €500 to support a good cause of their choosing through our “charitable signing fee” program. With this program, we hope to genuinely do our part in creating an evolutionary socially responsible world.

Stichting Tegen Kanker

Evolutionary Architect Yannick and his team “Go for MO’re” were present at Levensloop Edegem 2019 to show their support for Stichting Tegen Kanker.

Naturally, Yannick chose this opportunity to make his donation count towards a goal close to his heart. As he was both a participant and volunteer during Levensloop Edegem 2019 and the years before.

Evolutionary Architect Yannick Slegers offering a check of €500 to Levensloop Edegem through tothepoint's charitable signing fee program.
Yannick handing over the €500 check he received through ToThePoint’s charitable signing fee program to the chairwomen.

Doing our part

With a total of €162.663,59 collected by the participants, volunteers & visitors during Levensloop Edegem 2019, €500 seems peanuts. Yet, it isn’t. Literally any donation, however small, could make a huge difference towards the goal of ridding the world of cancer. We’re therefore humbled by Yannick’s wish to use his Charitable Signing Fee to do his part.

Doing your part

You too could do your part. Be it by donating to the cause directly or by simply planning a visit to have a drink at one of the volunteer stands. There are thousands of ways for you to help creating a socially responsible world.

Next edition of Levensloop Edegem, make sure to grab some Paella at Go For MO’re’s booth! Well recommended!

paella in a big pan being baked at levensloop edegem 2019


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