ToThePoint IT Consultancy Team building 2019

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This year's ToThePoint team building event brought out the best of us!

Les Ondes residence is amazing

Les Ondes is located in the beautiful area near Houffalize / Bastogne in the Province of Luxembourg. Serving as the safe space for the weekend, the Pointers got together in this luxurious villa for some relaxing chats around the campfire, tasty barbeque and adventure!

Adventure Valley in Durbuy

We had a blast at Adventure Valley (Durbuy). Check out the video below!

Overcoming fear like a boss.

Some of us overcame their fear of heights by free falling over 30 meters, others needed a little push in the back ­čśë Plenty of us took it easy. All things considered, we all learned more about each other and that is what team buildings are for, right?

Les Ondes means loads of food

We totally bought too much food and drinks — but they’ll be recuperated in the future, no worries ­čśë Thankfully it all fit with ease in a Tesla Model 3.

ToThePoint IT Consultancy

To build future-proof Evolutionary Architecture you’ll need people with the courage to try out new things. Extensive experience coupled with a ToThePoint attitude creates a powerful combination that surely serves as a valuable asset to any software development team. When a Pointer walks in, you know things will get DONE.

Getting together in an informal setting and discussing both private and professional items is key in getting to know your team members. That is why our annual ToThePoint IT consultancy team building event is important, alongside our monthly knowledge sharing sessions we’ve dubbed Sharpening The Saw (STS).


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