Technical architect

At ToThePoint we offer a broad range of expertise for our clients, enabling an end-to-end service. We're totally independent of technology stacks or vendors, which we call being 'technology agnostic'. This makes for an unique atmosphere here at ToThePoint. All our consultants are enthusiastic experts with a broad knowledge of languages, frameworks and architectural styles. As they gained a certain level of expertise, they are also keen on learning more each day. This will be encouraged through our monthly meetups where we make knowledge sharing fun. We're paid hobbyists with a job -- which makes us lucky to be here. You can be lucky as well, since we're looking for more enthusiasts to join us!

Got what it takes?

  • You like all things IT-architecture. It doesn’t matter if you’re a starter, senior, employee or freelancer. We’ll find you a fitting spot where you’ll shine!
  • You have a broad range of interest in the multitude of technologies available and are ready and willing to keep learning more
  • You have the ability to explain your way of thinking to your colleagues and clients
  • You are solution oriented 
  • You’re down-to-earth and have a ‘To The Point’ attitude
  • Belgium-based and fluent in Dutch

We offer

  • The freedom to take charge of your own career: you decide your future role within the team (development, architecture, coaching, team lead) as well as your technical specialties
  • Training and coaching
  • A competitive salary (commensurate with experience), a company car + fuel card, a powerful laptop, extensive insurance and plenty of training opportunities
  • Stimulating, professional and pleasant work surroundings with regular memorable teambuilding and knowledge sharing moments 


  • You’ll be creating software designs, challenge them and tweak them if necessary.
  • You are ready to get your hands dirty as you implement and bug-fix your creations
  • You’ll be coaching teams as they develop applications, administer patterns and implement best practices: technical coaching
  • Within an IT landscape you’ll be town-planning
  • You’ll participate in pre-sales conversations with clients and help them to genuinely find the best solutions for their business
  • The ability to respect deadlines and make clear transparant communicative efforts is a given, because you’ll be operating in a team where people are counted upon
  • You’re open minded to keep learning new technologies and willing to keep up-to-date with the latest trends.


  • You have knowledge of architectural principes
  • You have a broad knowledge and experience in software development, preferably in a multitude of technology stacks and using multiple frameworks
  • You have coaching skills to clearly communicate your reasoning to your team-members and clients
  • You are open-minded 
  • A healthy drive,
  • Sense of flexibility when it comes to ownership and work-region
  • One or two certificates are cool, but most importantly: you are keen on (l)earning more

Bonus Points

  • You have a behaviour driven development attitude
  • A few certificates are great — even better is a hunger to learn more
  • You know your way around microservices, CQRS, event sourcing and cloud architecture
  • Flexibility (not the yoga-kind)

Your future work place

  • Our Pointers are empowered, independently critical thinking, multidisciplinary, holistic, entrepreneurial experts that are willing and able to adapt and to keep learning on a daily basis. You will join a team of thought leading hobbyists with a job with a technology agnostic approach. This is why we can safely say that we have the brightest minds working for us.
  • We are technology agnostic, which means that we are not married to one vendor or technology. Our Pointers remain skeptical yet open-minded for result-driven improvement. To facilitate this, we regularly get together to learn from each other and keep our skills on point during a monthly meet up that we’ve dubbed Sharpening The Saw (STS). Free food and positive vibes included.
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