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Rather than making you do stuff you don’t give a damn about, we’re looking at what makes your innards tick.
Let’s take it from there. Let’s start afresh. Show us what you got.
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We’ll challenge you at all stages of your evolutionary career by raising the standards day after day. 
We want you to become good in the things you like the most. 


  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Thought Leadership
  • Technology Agnosticism
  • Hobbyism
  • Entrepreneurship

Meet some Pointers.

Michel Grootjans

Evolutionary Pointer Michel Grootjans explaining his reason for working at ToThePoint and giving insights at the methodologies practised
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Johan Siebens

Evolutionary Architect Johan Siebens explaining why he started working at ToThePoint
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Kris Van Vlaenderen

Evolutionary Architect Kris Van Vlaenderen explaining the reason for working at ToThePoint IT consultancy
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Lars Van Herk

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Kaj Van der Hallen

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Arne & Nick

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Steven Heyninck

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