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TetrinetClient – Build a tetrinet client

Design and develop a Tetrinet Client that is compatible with the current ToThePoint Tetrinet Server and additionally add more/new game-aspects to it

Description of the assignment

  • A lot of our Pointers are fans of Tetrinet (a multiplayer Tetris variant). One of us was so obsessed that he started developing his own Tetrinet Server.
  • What once started as a fun-project has now grown to a veritable server with features such as single-player challenges, many game types, badges, … and this is all compatible with old clients from 1997.
  • Now that we have this server, we’re only lacking our own client implementation.
  • Your assignment will be the design and development of a new modern client that meets the
    needs of the current Tetrinet protocol. Afterwards, both the server as the client can be expanded with new game-aspects.


  • Functional analysis and design of a Tetrinet Client
  • Technical implementation of a Tetrinet Client according to the existing protocol
  • Adding new game-aspects in both client and server

What you will gain

  • You’ll gain experience and knowledge in Javascript frameworks such as Phaser.io and Pix.js
  • You’ll learn to build a UI on an existing backend application
  • You’ll experience working on an existing codebase

What you need

  • Basic knowledge of Javascript. Knowledge of Phaser.io and/or pixjs is a plus
  • Basic knowledge of Java
  • Of course you have experience in playing Tetris
Technologies you'll be using
Location of your assignment

Veldkant 33B, 2550 Kontich

Your mentor

Johan Siebens – Business Unit Manager OnTheSpot

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