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Spring Boot meets HashiStack

Build a robust Spring Boot application platform using the HashiCorp toolsuite according to the Infrastructure-as-code principles (including monitoring run-time metrics)

Description of the assignment

  • Spring Boot at this point is one of the most popular frameworks to develop Java
  • The Spring Boot framework also provides integrations with many tools of HashiCorp, that
    enable builds and deployment of so-called Cloud-Native applications.
  • We’d like to combine Spring Boot and the HashiCorp toolsuite by building a platform on which
    developers can start up Spring Boot applications easily with the goal of enabling operators to easily gain insights on the health of these applications.


  • Define and implement a Production-readiness requirement for a Spring Boot applications
    • Learn the principles of Infastructure-as-code with tools such as Terraform, Ansible, Cheft, ….
    • Install these tools in a so-called HashiStack (Consul-Nomad-Vault) on on or more cloud providers (e.g. Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, …)
    • Research and install a central logging system (e.g. ElasticSearch-Logstash-Kibana, …)
    • Research and install a central monitoring system (e.g. Prometheus, InfluxDB, Grafana, …)
    • Reasearch and install a distributed tracing system (e.g. Zipkin)
    • Demonstrate your setup with a Spring Boot microservice architecture

What you will gain

  • You’ll learn to work with a framework such as Spring Boot
  • You’ll experience what a production environment for a Spring Boot application entails
  • You’ll get a taste of one or more cloud providers
  • You’ll be an expert at Infrastructure-as-a-code

What you need

  • Basic Linux knowledge
  • Knowledge of Java and basic Spring Boot is a plus
Technologies you'll be using
Location of your assignment

Veldkant 33B, 2550 Kontich

Your mentor

Johan Siebens – Business Unit Manager OnTheSpot

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