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MyPointExactly – Architectural design and development of an Intranet site

You will be responsible for creating an architectural design and the development of an integrated intranet website, with authentication through social logins (Google, Facebook and LinkedIn), hosted in a Docker container on a Google Cloud Kubernetes cluster

Description of the assignment

  • At ToThePoint we use a whole array of applications for our staff members to use. All of them use their own backend business logic, datastore and frontend user interface, which are all independently deployed. This means that every application is a (set of) microservice(s), or better even: a self-contained system (see Stefan Tilkov’s SCS architecture for more details: http://scs-architecture.org/links.html)
  • To integrate all of these applications within one intranet, we need these self-contained systems to be linked to the user interface (because usually the microservice architecture integration are integrated in the backend).
  • This is why we see the intranet as one big integrated environment for the end user. But it is actually a collection of multiple independent systems that are thoughtfully working together.
  • Your assignment during this internship will be twofold. On the one hand you will look for ways to create the above-mentioned composite UI (using transclusion; using Varnish to utilise edge side includes,…). On the other hand you will create the implementation of it based on the hands-on experiences and careful consideration of all the pro and contra’s during development.


  • Research- and realisation of a composite UI for a multitude of independent applications
  • Implementation of different possible solutions after careful deliberation
  • A conclusion based on pro’s and con’s of different possibilities.

What you will gain

  • Architectural knowledge about self-contained systems
  • Knowledge and experience with transclusion
  • Knowledge and experience with edge side includes (ESI)
  • Relevant experience in a real-world prevalent and much discussed topic

What you need

  • Interest in an intensive and challenging assignment in a microservices environment
  • The will to learn a heck of a ton in a relatively short period of time
Technologies you'll be using
Location of your assignment

Veldkant 33B, 2550 Kontich

Your mentor

Johan Siebens – Business Unit Manager OnTheSpot / Tech Lead

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