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Build a lightweight single-sign-on-application that can support both username + password as social media log ins (Facebook, LinkedIn, GitHub, Google, …). This central SSO application will centrally authenticate the microservices-based intranet landscape of ToThePoint.

Description of the assignment

  • Within ToThePoint we use a whole array of applications (self-contained systems) that
    are all integrated with the frontend and are supported within our ToThePoint intranet
  • These applications will all use their own authentication procedure with standard
    username and password. We want those applications to handle the authentication through a single-sign-on platform so we can enhance the user experience and also differentiate between users within our multiple applications.
  • Your main assignment during this internship will be the creation of a lightweight authentication-platform (both design and development), from which both log in methods are supported.
  • This platform should also be self-contained.


  • Functional analysis
  • Design of a responsive UI
  • Development of both backend and frontend following the self-contained systems
    architecture (Take note of Stefan Tilkov’s talk about SCS on http://scs-
  • The creation of a continuous deployment pipeline.
  • Deployment with Docker on a Google cloud-hosted Kubernetes cluster

What you will gain

  • You will experience how to design, develop and put in production an end-to-end
    enterprise-grade production-ready web application.
  • You will gain knowledge and experience in Docker
  • Real-world knowledge about and experience with Kubernetes and Google Cloud
  • That lovely feeling you get knowing your design will be used in production

What you need

  • You have a shown interest in a challenging but very educational assignment
  • You have basic knowledge of Java and have an eagerness to learn Spring Boot
    (from us)
  • You are curious to use Vue.JS to build a responsive UI with
  • You can’t wait to learn a heck of a lot in a relative limited time period.
Technologies you'll be using
Location of your assignment

Veldkant 33B, 2550 Kontich

Your mentor

Steven Heyninck – Business Unit Manager ToThePoint

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