Planning your internship

1. Apply

We look at your application and contact you as soon as humanly possible

2. Meet us

We invite you for a coffee and a get-to-know-one-another talk

3. GO

Eager and convinced to accept the challenge? Apply and we'll happily offer you the internship

Available internships

1. Through school or university

Some schools or universities make their own selection of internships and offer that selection to their students. This mostly also implies that the procedure to follow is well-defined and explained to you by your school or university. In that case, please apply using the procedure in place.

2. Contact us directly

Take a look at the list of our internships on offer and monitor your heart rate. In case of a higher pulse, immediately take action and apply for the internship by using the contact form displayed in each and every internship detail page.

3. Got a great idea but nowhere to pitch it?

Contact us and convince us of your idea. It could just be that we are discussing and brainstorming about your idea over a cup of coffee in the days to come. No idea has ever proven to crazy for our taste, try us!



You leave a lasting impression

Internships are not only tremendous opportunities for yourself to gain knowledge and experience, also ToThePoint is still enjoying the results of some of the previous internships as well, certainly those that yielded a lasting realisation, which in the meantime are widely known within (and outside of) Cronos.

  • The Wall of Fame, the most notorious of them all, an interactive video wall, built without using a single monitor, composed of 54 Logitech RGB gaming keyboards and 27 Raspberry Pi’s comes to mind.
  • What to think about a virtual reality control room in which you – as a network administrator – put on some VR goggles and find yourself standing right inside your Google Kubernetes cluster, and even puts you in full control of killing and spacing pods using your laserpointers… yep, an internship to remember and to be proud of.

That is the kind of inheritance we’ve got in store for you when you get to do an internship with us.

See what our dear intern Sharon had to say

A contract proposal as proof of the pudding

The saying goes ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’, well, the same goes for our internships. Whenever we spot our own drive and passion in you, in other words, whenever we detect a DNA match with your professional attitude, we’ll gladly invite you into our family. If you on your end, recognise your own values, vision and ambitions in our DNA, we stand a fair chance of eating delicious pudding indeed.

An internship as an ideal platform to familiarise yourself with our company culture

Working on your own project, in close collaboration with your colleagues and discovering step by step what it would feel like to become a future Pointer yourself. Can you imagine a better way to feel at home while at work?

You’ll quickly get to know your colleagues and swiftly pick up on habits of absorbing offered knowledge, asking critical questions and ultimately gain insights and experience in real-world projects, it is all part of the deal.

We know very well how it feels to enter a new environment, after all, we are all consultants and consequently used to take on new projects head-on. That’s why we truly understand the importantance of treating you as one of the boys / girls of the team. We’re committed to offer you help, break down thresholds and hierarchy, you’ll be our true colleague during the whole internship. Nothing beats feeling at ease to attain a fabulous result. Step inside and feel right at home.

An internship as an ideal platform to prove yourself

The time you spend with us is the ideal opportunity to showcase your best professional behaviour. We value ownership tremendously. Ownership is not equals to ‘working in isolation’, instead it means that you fully embrace and take full responsibility of a high-standard end result. Ownership is a trait which will serve you truly well in your future career. We like to see you grow during your internship en will move mountains to offer you all the assistance you need to reach your goal. 

Janosh started his professional career as a Pointer after a successful internship

Stand firmly and well-fed

Don’t underestimate to importance of filling your tank and oil your motor to keep it running smoothly. We’ll surely help you out in that area as well, read on (and learn how you can stay in bed for just a little longer ;-))

Don’t get up earlier to prepare sandwiches?

Nope, food for thought aside, we foresee a plethora of bread and fillings and a couple of days a week you’ll score fresh salads and soup as well. You can just enjoy a great lunch.

Having a slight dip during the hard work?

Don’t fret, just head over to the cookie drawer. There’s also fresh fruit for the more health-conscious.

The best?

The best news is that we offer you all of the above for free.

And also, no need for you to get up any earlier (that might probably be the absolute best news of all?).