Johan Siebens was invited by HashiCorp to share his insights about Immutable Infrastructure at HashiConfEU. Johan used the WALL OF FAME as an illustration of how easy-to-use HashiCorp Toolings can be when considering your build pipelines. The Wall of fame is a seemingly simple, yet powerful case of the faithfulness to our mission to keep creating future-oriented agile products.

Johan siebens receiving a full room attendance at hashiconfEU Amsterdam 2019
Not even a much anticipated talk about the upcoming new features of Terraform 0.12 could prevent a full-room attendance at Johan Siebens’ talk about our WALL of fame during #HashiConfEU2019

Bringing out the big guns

Of course we brought the WALL with us. How else would we turn heads of our fellow DevOps colleagues? Being positioned right smack in the middle of the HashiCafé, visitors of HashiConfEU were invited to have a look at the WALL before/during/after our scheduled talk. How that talk went? You can see for yourself in the aftermovie posted below!

No worries, we fixed the malfunctioning Pi in a jiffy.
Showcasing immutable infrastructure as code at hashiconfEU

Best in Class Immutable infrastructure as code

Our Wall of Fame was selected for best in class as a simple (yet ingenious) way to showcase Immutable Infrastructure As Code.

Using Nomad as a viable alternative to Kubernetes, the wall uses a simple way of programming our (about 30!) Raspberry Pi‘s to become either slave or masters. This way, they can be quickly interchanged if needs be and taken from any other of our office gear on the fly in emergency situations.

In essence, we could grab a functioning Pi out of anything we have laying around. Plug it in. And it would automatically know what it’s supposed to be doing.

This solid case study of Immutable Infrastructure as Code fits perfectly in our Evolutionary Architecture mindset.

Plug and play using HashiCorp Toolings.

Evolutionary Architecture by ToThePoint

At ToThePoint, and more specifically OnTheSpot, we are strong evangelists of the DevOps culture. We KNOW for a fact there is a shorter time to market by breaking down the wall between Devs and Ops.

If DevOps is not yet an option, but you are curious about a possible move in the future, we can lay out the roadmap and build the foundations you need.

Download our DevOps Ignition roadmap below and see for yourself!

Why Evolutionary Architecture?

In an evolutionary mindset, it is important to keep experimenting with new technologies such as Nomad and Consul. Only by keeping a broad scope on what’s out there AND simultaneously delivering real-world applications, we can make sure that we build architectures that are capable of evolving. The Wall of fame is a seemingly simple, yet powerful case of ToThePoint’s faithfulness to our mission of creating future-oriented agile products.

“It’s the architecture that matters, not the infrastructure.”

Johan Siebens on how to avoid vendor lock-in.

HashiConfEU Aftermovie

We couldn’t resist making a short aftermovie of our adventure to HashiConfEU Amsterdam. Take a look!

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