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Gingerwald Juice Corner 2.0 picture in close up

Juice Corner 2.0 – Keeping the juice flowing

ToThePoint built a more optimised IoT Juice Corner for our juicy friends from Gingerwald!

Teaching is like explaining code. All possible tools are allowed, including whiteboards and vigorous arm movements.

Explaining code: how a background as a teacher helps me in development

My personal journey of balancing Object Oriented Programming (OOP) with Functional Programming (FP) showed me how there are many useful overlapping skills for both professions when it comes to explaining code. The communicative skills needed for knowledge sharing and the foresights/awareness of the “initial situation” are two of the big …

RabbitMQ mirrored queues master/slave graphic illustration

RabbitMQ mirrored queues troubleshooting sync issues

Troubleshooting RabbitMQ mirrored queues made easy.

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ToThePoint bootcamp members posing for a photo

ToThePoint bootcampers go teambuilding.

How the day went? After a long day of learning all-things-evolutionary, we took the bootcamp members out for a treat!With their bellies filled up with delicious fast-food, the Virtual Reality experience was waiting for them. Scary yet stimulating. The creepy bungee-jump like VR experience was not for the faint-hearted, neither …

Bootcamp for juniors at ToThePoint IT consultancy

Meet the new Pointers!

This week marked the start of the careers of over 10 (!) Evolutionary Architects.

Les Ondes ToThePoint Team Building Weekend FB Banner with person in frame jumping of a high building

ToThePoint IT Consultancy Team building 2019

This year's ToThePoint team building event brought out the best of us!

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The Cronos Group is a holding of over 400 companies, each of them best of breed in their own specialisation. This ecosystem promotes cooperation and support. It enables offering a plethora of IT-services in the way customers desire it

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