Juice Corner 2.0 – Keeping the juice flowing

ToThePoint built a more optimised IoT Juice Corner for our juicy friends from Gingerwald!

The ideation of Gingerwald Juice Corner 2.0.

A few juicy guys from Gingerwald (basically just Jan Verhoeven šŸ¤­) asked ToThePoint’s Evolutionary Architects’ team to create a Gingerwald Juice Corner version 2.0.

After a short brainstorm session between Gingerwald and ToThePoint, the idea of an upward-release-system was born.
Our IoT team went to work and gladly provided a working prototype for further testing by the Gingerwald Innovation Team.

ToThePoint presents Gingerwald Juice Corner 2.0.

Keeping the juice flowing.

Gingerwald’s ambitions are to claim a cool spot in every (large) office out there — enabling everybody to start doing juice.

Gingerwald, dat is juice for people that donā€™t do juice.

The Gingerwald concept.

Whereas the Juice Corner 1.0 mainly relies on a trust-based-system; Juice Corner 2.0 will be even more manageable (and cool!) –whilst still remaining playful and true to the mission statement: making it as easy as humanly possible to start doing juice.

Version 1.0 works splendidly in (somewhat) smaller office spaces, where social control still reigns supreme. When the Juice Corner 1.0 unlocks, the customer can reach for their chosen fresh juice and continue his healthy diet.
However, the small snag lies in exact that trust-system. The customer should only be able to take what they (or someone else) has ordered. Outside of social control, there was no real (digital) way to check if that was the case. To keep the juice flowing, they needed a slight improvement in the method of dispensing the juice. This is where ToThePoint’s proposed solution comes in!

Challenges and solutions.

ToThePoint’s main quest was to provide a viable and trustworthy dispenser for keeping the the hydraulically pressed juices flowing in a more trackable fashion — whilst still remaining cool, user friendly and gamification enabling. We solved this by creating a dispenser that releases the juices from below, drawing inspiration from our 3D printer set up and many hours of thoughtful experimentation.

By using a load of sensors (drawn from IoT devices), the Juice Corner Version 2.0 can immediately tell if the correct juice has been delivered (and picked up or not) by the right person. This cheat-proof prototype solved the issue entirely where lack of social control was an important factor.

The future of Juice Corner 2.0?

With ToThePoint’s working prototype currently being tested by Gingerwald’s own Innovation Team, we are now discussing the future possibilities of our cooperation. The moment we continue building out a more pimped out version of the Juice Corner 2.0, we will surely keep you all posted.

Stay tuned for that!

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šŸ”— https://www.gingerwald.be/

What the … is Gingerwald?


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