Cloud-native Enablement

“Releases can and should be as painless as simply pressing a button”

Cloud-native services

Our cloud engineers will guide you

Bring your cloud infrastructure to the next level with the help of our Cloud engineers.

OnTheSpot can guide your organisation’s IT infrastructure into the cloud. In fact, we’ll always consider this when we’re providing services so whenever you feel like switching from on-premise to cloud, you’ll feel right at ease knowing you’re completely future proof.


Cloud native enablement portrayed by a cloud cutout in paper held up to the sky to a cloud
We'll prepare your IT infrastructure at all stages to ensure production readiness.

Cloud Services in a Nutshell

  • Fragility is bad
  • Virtualisation is cheap
  • Be prepared to scale
  • Easily automate deployment
  • Implement migration
  • Consider hybrid architectures
  • Consider all possibilities

You've found the cloud-native partner you're looking for at OnTheSpot

Why a technology agnostic Cloud-enablement service?

We're not married to a vendor

We aim to use the best tool for the job. Every time.  Using a technology agnostic approach to cloud enablement ensures that we offer insights that no other technical coach can. Being cloud agnostic means we’re not married to any specific vendor or technology. This enables our technical coaches, release engineers and build masters to provide the best possible solution for YOU. 

Knowledge sharing culture

All our cloud engineers are highly skilled at at least one specific cloud service, and we have regular learning sessions in place that enable knowledge sharing amongst all Pointers. So we’ll always be ready to offer the best advice possible.

Cloud-native mindset

With all our implementation suggestions during our technical coaching, we’ll consider the move to a cloud infrastructure as easy as merely pressing a button. You’ll feel at ease that all this preparation comes as a given. We live and breath DevOps and we evangelise the move to cloud-native solutions with a hellish passion.

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