Hello, we are OnTheSpot

“Releases can and should be as painless as simply pressing a button”

How can we help you?

OnTheSpot in a nutshell

  • We maintain a holistic approach
  • Strong future-proof foundations
  • Cloud hosting is one click of a button away
  • Guaranteed uptime
  • Genuine evangelists of DevOps
  • With great power comes great responsibility
  • Production readiness is our fetisj
  • Consistency throughout
  • Epic partnerships
  • Cloud agnostic
  • Technology agnostic

We evangelise DevOps culture

Illustration of the perfect DevOps release pipeline -- infinite loop DevOps circle pipeline
Within our knowledge sharing workplace that is ToThePoint, we have all the skills necessary to deliver an end-to-end development track for your idea.

Three reasons to choose OnTheSpot

Cloud agnostic

We’re not married to a specific product, vendor or technology. We will never try and “up-sell” you with a certain technology. We’ll always listen to your specific needs and cater the perfect future proof solution. You don’t need a boss, you need a leader.

We've seen it all

We know from first hand how tedious it can become trying to fix the technical debt that arose from bad management. We genuinely want to fix this out of sheer enthusiasm and belief in the DevOps culture. Empowerment, enablement, trust is where it’s at.

Our family structure

Together with our ToThePoint evolutionary architects, our UX/UI experts at OneDot and our DevOps and cloud-native expertise you’ll be a simple button press away of creating your own evolutionary architecture – automatically and fully supported in the cloud.

Proven track record

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