We're a family

Cronos logo
Our innovation enabling "grandfather"

The Cronos Group is a holding of over 400 companies, each of them best of breed in their own specialisation. This ecosystem promotes cooperation and support. It enables offering a plethora of IT-services in the way customers desire it: he can be serviced by a single provider, acting as a SPOC (single point of contact) for the partners, or by each and every company individually. This choice of modus operandi is pure strength. It is a magnificent lead-generator permitting each of the companies to reach its target audience with a minimum sales effort. Word of mouth goes a long way when you adhere to high standards.

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Our mater familias

Our partnership with Slingshot is very important to us: when we pair up, we can help customers in their complete end-to-end journey, and we share the same interest in delivering high-quality software solutions using sound industry principles and techniques. As the all-things-development partner within the complete Slingshot group, we proudly take on the role of technical implementation specialists, the rock to build on.

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Your one-stop-shop for all your end-to-end IT solutions

Just like Cronos and Slingshot, we are also undergoing heavy growth. Therefore it was time to diversify in the things we know best: architecture, UX/UI and cloud-native development. ToThePoint Group will still serve as a SPOC (single point of contact) to our clients, with our full option services. But we want to give the option to you to pick whatever you need from our “menu list” of IT services.

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We create stuff

ToThePoint is a broad technical initiative, with a major focus on consultancy in a wide range of technologies, methodologies and practices.
Our development specialty ranges from Java, Scala over C, C++ and C# as well as Ruby all the way to Python. We’re using web frameworks like Spring, Akka and rails on a daily basis, create frontends with frameworks like AngularJS or ReactJS, and are familiar with multiple SQL and NoSQL datastores and we deploy both on clusters hosted in cloud environments or on premise.

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We make stuff beautiful

OneDot are our digital creatives with a passion for mobile apps and the web. They help companies realise their digital dreams, and give them the insights they need to bridge the gap to the world. They aspire to maintain a broad technological horizon, so that they can best help you achieve your goal, regardless of the platform.

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We shoot stuff in the cloud

OnTheSpot focuses on release engineering and cloud technologies. They bring the cloud closer to your business through reliable release processes. All their engineers are highly skilled professionals and passionate about continuous delivery, automation and cloud-native solutions. They guide customers in their adventure toward cloud infrastructure with included support and help organisations build confidence in the deployments and releases of their IT solutions while meeting present and future needs.