Devoxx 2015: Digital Transformation!

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During the series of nice talks – thanks to the excellent speakers and organization! – it dawned to me that developers are ready for the so called Digital Transformation.

Digital transformation, driven by social media and very soon the internet of things, is transforming the way to interact, buy, live, … at an ever faster rate.

The good news is that we as developers are ready for it. We have learned new practices like microservices, functional and reactive programming, asynchronous non-blocking paradigms and resilience. We have updated our methods like DevOps, Domain Driven Design (DDD), Extreme Programming – carefully avoiding the word Agile for now, I’ll do a separate blog on this. And of course technology is there to back us up with support for functional programming in the JVM, Streams, Scala, Akka, Spark, Docker, Kubernetes,….

Only there is one problem. Devoxx is a happening for and by developers. Do our managers, customers and friends know that we are ready?

Often when I go to my customers, I see that they still stick to paradigms that were valid ten years ago and try to keep on doing business as usual. This is a normal way of working facing the unknown, but it can bite you in the tail.

Don’t we have a responsibility to share what we have learned with them, not in a geeky technical way, and without bending the paradigms, advocating the new things we learned in a language they are willing to understand. Dare I say it: shouldn’t we all evangelize a bit our new principles, methods and technologies?

So our managers, customers and society can experience that they shouldn’t fear the new wave coming upon them and that we are there to support them.

Yes this is difficult and we have to question traditional ways of working. I hope that the blog I’m starting now, can help you in this task?

Next time I will revisit the distinction between Doing Agile and Being Agile and hope to give some practical ways of promoting Being Agile in Product teams, DevOps, Scrum and Kanban. The ‘old’ XP practices will be our leading guide.


Wouter Adriaens

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