Fun Projects

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The Wall of Fame – The architecture

Even though the Wall Of Fame might look like a fancy oversized gadget to bring along on our events, there’s a lot going on in the background that we think you’ll find interesting.

We built a high performance, low latency ecosystem controlling the Wall Of Fame while allowing for adding features easily. But it took some time and effort to get to the point that we’re at right now.

Travelling with a prototype

How to present an IoT prototype in a foreign conference? As you probably noticed already, I had the honour of making a presentation during the ‘AI & Computer Systems track at the Applied Machine Learning Days (#AMLD2019) in Lausanne.  The conference was great fun, with quality speakers, interesting content and a beautiful venue. In this …

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Steam VR and Unity used to visualise a HTTP request

Creating a VR visualisation of a HTTP request

Wouter Bauweraerts, Evolutionary Architect at ToThePoint has made a virtual reality visualisation of a HTTP request. ” I’m currently studying applied informatics at KDG. An assignment at school for an elective course about Virtual Reality has inspired me to visualise a HTTP request in VR. Some of my colleagues at school made a similar visualisation …

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Arduino cluster close up with a blurry ToThePoint laptop on the background

The Wall showcases infrastructure as code

How is infrastructure as code used? The wall we used to showcase infrastructure as code architecture is basically a giant LCD screen made up off RGB-lit keyboards on which we can control the individual LED’s using software to showcase cool moving images. The wall is a fun project run wild that thought us a lot …

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