Building a Kubernetes Learning platform

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Brend, OnTheSpot intern delivering a demo of the Evolutionary Architecture he has drawn for his SpotOps internship.

Cloud native development

With the build of his application in its final stages, Brend is working hard on automating his cloud deployment processes.

In a previous update, we’ve covered what his initial goal was and how his progress thus far is evolving.
As impressed as we were back then, Brend is proving us right again. With great enthusiasm we saw Brend grasp the chance to start developing natively for Google Cloud.

In this weeks update he walks us through his proposed architecture. As you’ll see, developing natively for the cloud can involve microservices. How they are all related to each other, will be explained by the Kubernetes prodigy himself.

Being able to adapt more easily and have scalability available at his fingertips, it wouldn’t make sense to do it otherwise, when you think about it.

Impressive stuff!


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