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ToThePoint at Devoxx 2019

Devoxx 2019

Devoxx Belgium is a 5-days conference where developers and architects come together and explore the latest technology advancements and fascinating ideas, with some of the

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WWF logo white with ToThePoint logo white on background of the wall
Charitable Signing Fee

ToThePoint sponsors WWF

Charitable signing fee Every new hire at ToThePoint receives a Charitable Signing Fee of €500 to spend on a charity of their choosing. By shaping

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Reinforcement Learning workshop announcement by ToThePoint and The Campus the 17th of december

Reinforcement Learning Workshop

ToThePoint is co-hosting a reinforcement learning workshop with the folks from The Campus, the 17th of december. This is your chance to grasp an understanding

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YOUCA stands for Youth for change and action. ToTHePoint offered a job for a day to a promising student. his wage goes towards charity.
Corporate social responsibility

YOUCA Action Day at ToThePoint

YOUCA: Youth for Change and Action Today 17/10/2019, more than 15000 youngsters grasped the opportunity to skip a day of classes in favour of working

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Levensloop edegem 2019 sponsorship tothepoint
Corporate social responsibility

Levensloop Edegem sponsorship

Charitable Signing Fee Our new colleagues at ToThePoint were offered a grant of €500 to support a good cause of their choosing through our “charitable

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hashiconfeu welcomes tothepoint

Showcasing Infrastructure as Code

Johan Siebens was invited by HashiCorp to share his insights about Immutable Infrastructure at HashiConfEU. Johan used the WALL OF FAME as an illustration of

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Teaching is like explaining code. All possible tools are allowed, including whiteboards and vigorous arm movements.
Code Review

Explaining code like a tutor

My personal journey of balancing Object Oriented Programming (OOP) with Functional Programming (FP) showed me how there are many useful overlapping skills for both professions when it comes to explaining code. The communicative skills needed for knowledge sharing and the foresights/awareness of the “initial situation” are two of the big ones.

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Training an office smart agent in VR at ToThePoint
Office Smart Agent

Training an artificial brain in VR

The Office Smart Agent’s brain is currently training 24/7 on our VR capable custom built PC. This means that the GPU of Lino’s PC can stop melting (for a while).

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Jorden en Lukas, interns at ToThePoint trying hard to make it seem like they are actually improving their code ?
Deep Image Recognition

Deep Image Recognition Internship

ToThePoint is making strides in the Machine Learning department, and now we’re stepping up our game by adding Deep Image Recognition to it.

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Kubernetes in VR architecture

Managing a Kubernetes cluster in VR.

In this blog post I will tell you a little story of how I became a proud member of the ToThePoint family, some might say it was coincidence or luck but that’s too easy of an explanation.

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What Pointers at to the point are reading

Blogs Pointers are Reading

We asked some of our Pointers to list a few of their favourite blogs. We’d love to share them here with you. VUEJSFEED Vue.js —

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Internship Updates

Five brilliant interns are working on very exciting projects at our ToThePoint offices and we’re watching closely on their progress.

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Prototype as a service ToThePoint

TrashBeat Internship Update

Bert is creating a prototype for a smart agent that we’re developing in another internship project. So far his progress is going strong and steady.

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Cover foto ToThePoint group profile LinkedIn (2)
Wall of Fame

The Wall of Fame – The architecture

Even though the Wall Of Fame might look like a fancy oversized gadget to bring along on our events, there’s a lot going on in the background that we think you’ll find interesting.

We built a high performance, low latency ecosystem controlling the Wall Of Fame while allowing for adding features easily. But it took some time and effort to get to the point that we’re at right now.

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Travelling with a prototype

How to present an IoT prototype in a foreign conference? As you probably noticed already, I had the honour of making a presentation during the

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Open Policy Agent is a policy engine, basically, a software component allowing an organisation to enforce how resources and data can be manipulated and accessed.
Open Policy Agent

Open Policy Agent (OPA)

What can you do with Open Policy Agent (OPA)? Last year, me and a colleague, attended KubeCon/CloudNativeCon in Copenhagen.  During those day on the conference

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The ToThePoint Wall of Fame close up
Wall of Fame

Intro The Wall of Fame

What is the Wall Of Fame? Simply put, it is a giant RGB wall made completely out of keyboards that can be used to stream

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