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YOUCA stands for Youth for change and action. ToTHePoint offered a job for a day to a promising student. his wage goes towards charity.
Corporate social responsibility

YOUCA Action Day at ToThePoint

YOUCA: Youth for Change and Action Today 17/10/2019, more than 15000 youngsters grasped the opportunity to skip a day of classes in favour of working

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Teaching is like explaining code. All possible tools are allowed, including whiteboards and vigorous arm movements.
Code Quality

Explaining code: how a background as a teacher helps me in development

My personal journey of balancing Object Oriented Programming (OOP) with Functional Programming (FP) showed me how there are many useful overlapping skills for both professions when it comes to explaining code. The communicative skills needed for knowledge sharing and the foresights/awareness of the “initial situation” are two of the big ones.

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Wall of Fame

The Wall of Fame – The architecture

Even though the Wall Of Fame might look like a fancy oversized gadget to bring along on our events, there’s a lot going on in the background that we think you’ll find interesting.

We built a high performance, low latency ecosystem controlling the Wall Of Fame while allowing for adding features easily. But it took some time and effort to get to the point that we’re at right now.

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Travelling with a prototype

How to present an IoT prototype in a foreign conference? As you probably noticed already, I had the honour of making a presentation during the

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Open Policy Agent is a policy engine, basically, a software component allowing an organisation to enforce how resources and data can be manipulated and accessed.
Open Policy Agent

Open Policy Agent (OPA)

What can you do with Open Policy Agent (OPA)? Last year, me and a colleague, attended KubeCon/CloudNativeCon in Copenhagen.  During those day on the conference

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The ToThePoint Wall of Fame close up
Wall of Fame

Intro The Wall of Fame

What is the Wall Of Fame? Simply put, it is a giant RGB wall made completely out of keyboards that can be used to stream

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Cluster Buster is a nickname for Johan Siebens, the Kubernets master at ToThePoint / OnTheSpot

Kubernetes by n00bs

Will a junior with only 1 mini project on his track record be able to educate you on Kubernetes? Or will it be a funny

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roots of agility
Agile Methodology

Roots of Agility

The current feeling about “Agile” in enterprises is a bit on the negative site – Gartner’s trough of disillusionment etc … It seems to be

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