Johan Siebens

Johan Siebens is an Evolutionary Cloud Architect at ToThePoint, where he runs the release engineering competence center. Ever since his original role as a consultant Java developer on various projects, he was always the first to volunteer on "pain-in-the-ass" assignments such as configuring build servers, designing pipelines, and continuously delivering his viewpoint: "releasing should be as painless as pressing a button." He has found his "ikigai," which in layman’s terms means: find what you are good at, what the world needs, what you are able to get paid for, and what you love doing — in short, how to make your hobby your job. In so doing, he evangelizes the DevOps culture and, as his involvement in the cloud environment grew, so did his expertise.

Accessing Kafka on Google Kubernetes Engine from the outside world

Accessing Kafka on Google Kubernetes Engine

Running and operating a Kafka cluster on Kubernetes can be a tricky part. There are already many tutorials, blogpost, Helm Charts, Operators, … that will give you detailed information on installing a working Kafka cluster on Kubernetes with StatefulSets, Headless services and other Kubernetes features. But after going through all those and when finally getting …

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