7 reasons to choose Vue.js over Angular

Why Vue is better than Angular

Vue’s keyword analytics in Google Trends makes it clear that Vue is crushing both Angular and React in popularity — which is a good thing according to this writer’s bias.

Vue is more loved than Angular by developers

If we then ask the Frontend folks that actually USE Web Frameworks about their most loved ones, then again Vue.js CRUSHES Angular in that regard. With a comparable result on the love scale for React.js

Source: Stack Overflow, 2019 Survey

Why Vue crushes Angular?

Vue.js is a framework for web applications that enables component-oriented development based on JavaScript. It’s adaptable, especially lean and universally applicable. Of course, Vue.js is also very performant.


7 memes that prove Vue is better than Angular

I’ve asked my Frontend squad at ToThePoint to give me 7 reasons why Vue is better than Angular.

They ignored me — probably too busy at a project that still uses Angular.

So I asked them to give me 7 memes that illustrate why Vue > Angular and I was flooded with responses on our Slack channel.

Frontend developers at ToThePoint like to make a point by using memes. On the topic of "why vue is better than angular", the writer of this blog was flooded with memes to illustrate their point.
Inhale the memes.
Exhale the memes.
Inject the memes into my bloodstream.

Learning curve

Vue offers a way more chill learning curve when it comes down to developing an app from ground up or when you want to integrate it into existing projects.

React is most preferred by developers to use and learn, followed by Vue and then Angular.


According to the Stateofjs survey, Vue.js got the maximum of votes for the option “heard of it, would like to learn“, which indicates a promising decline in the popularity of Angular.

Vue.js got a maximum of votes for "heard of it, would like to learn" whilst Angular received the maximum of votes for "used it, would not use again".
“Used it, would not use again” when it comes down to Angular
“Heard of it, would like to learn” when it comes down to Vue.js

Package size

Throwing your package into a container is much easier when they're lightweight -- that's why we choose vue over angular.

One of the greatest advantages of Vue.js is its small size. The size of this framework is 18–21KB and it takes no time for the user to download and use it.

Hackernoon, advantages of Vue.js

Beating bulky frameworks like React.js, Angular.js and Ember.js because of its small size, it could be argued that Vue.js is the best choice of JavaScript framework. If lower package sizes result in faster coding speed for the developer, it makes even more sense to give it a try.


Having a loving and caring community around you is well recommended, as illustrated by these lovely kids cuddling.

Vue is very well maintained by the community. Just take a look at “The Community guide to Vue.js“, designed to help newcomers find their way around the ecosystem. Are you already feeling the warm welcome of the community?
A slightly more advanced Vue.js community can be found on their website: ttps://vuejs.org/v2/guide/join.html

Vue is […] a framework that is heavily backed up by the community. Unlike react and angular which are backed up by giants like Google and Facebook. Vue is headed by a developer named Evan You.

Vamshi Krishna, Front-End Developer on Quora

Looking for more in-depth insights into what a Vue.js career in Belgium looks like? Send us an email or comment on the post below so we can be able to help you get in touch with one of our Vue.js fanatics. A slightly less intrusive way for you to get the info you need, is to just check www.grabacoffeetour.be/tothepoint to stay up to date on when one of our Vue.js advocates is out in the field.

ToThePoint is also hosting the Vue.js Antwerp meetups, so make sure to join the group to stay notified of the next edition.


Speed and power, as Jeremy Clarkson likes to call it in the popular hit-show Top Gear, is all you need when developing. Vue has better runtime than angular, which is why we choose vue over angular.

As we’ve seen, with smaller package sizes comes great speed and power. Vue has better runtime performance and is thus much easier to optimize (according to vuejs.org)

Vue uses a transparent dependency-tracking observation system with async queueing – all changes trigger independently unless they have explicit dependency relationships.



5 star rating illustration gif

Collect user feedback, with this fancy Star Rating Component for Vue.

Bloated (not)

Fat cat trying to crawl through a door to illustrate what bloated software is. Vue is more lean than the bloated Angular, and that's why we choose it anytime anyday.

Vue is still one of the few frameworks that stays lean.

jonjojr on the 15th of June, 2018

Vue remains “especially lean” and is adored by the front-end community because of its possible flexible and simple implementation into existing projects — or even when starting afresh.

Read Vamshi Krishna’s answer to Why is Vue.js the only framework that has been able to see what programmers want? On Quora.


Easy peasy lemon squeezy to start development on a trivial web app in vue.

I assert that a beginner could build a trivial web app with Vue and understand much more of how their code works than they would building the same thing with jQuery.

Anthony Gore on Medium

Especially for beginners, the fact that “Vue has simplicity built into its design” will be a convincing benefit.

Angular’s learning curve is much steeper. The API surface of the framework is huge and as a user you will need to familiarize yourself with a lot more concepts before getting productive. 

Vue vs Angular, vuejs.org

Bonus meme: why?

 "We need to develop this project in Angular/React/Vue."

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