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  • Inspiring innovation in Iceland June 13, 2019
    Meetings galore and innovation-driven Icelandic entrepreneurship! Nick V. went on an innovation inspiring trip!
  • Explaining code: how a background as a teacher helps me in development May 29, 2019
    My personal journey of balancing Object Oriented Programming (OOP) with Functional Programming (FP) showed me how there are many useful overlapping skills for both professions when it comes to explaining code. The communicative skills needed for knowledge sharing and the foresights/awareness of the “initial situation” are two of the big ones.
  • Our Cluster Buster is scheduled to talk at HashiConf EU! May 24, 2019
    Johan Siebens, our very own Cluster Buster himself has been scheduled to talk about our Wall of Fame at HashiConf EU 2019. About the Wall of Fame Our fun-project “The Wall of Fame” is a wall of keyboards that can be programmed to become a screen thanks to its enormous amounts of Raspberry Pi’s. Truly […]


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Our partnership with Slingshot is important: together we can help customers in their complete end-to-end journey. 

The Cronos Group is a holding of over 400 companies, each of them best of breed in their own specialisation. This ecosystem promotes cooperation and support. It enables offering a plethora of IT-services in the way customers desire it